Cover Story: Vale of Tears: Angel Island’s Immigration Station, “Ellis Island of the West”, a Neglected Shrine
Quiet Heroes of 9/11
New York Report: News from the MWA
Ferry to Angel Island Won’t be Back
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April 2002

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Best of the San Francisco Bay Waterfront!
Here it is, the 1st Annual Best of the San Francisco Bay Waterfront Contest! Vote for your favorite Dive Bar, View Spot and much more and you could win a free trip for two to Paris! If that’s not enough in the way of encouragement to send in your nominations, we’ll even be offering free chair massages on randomly selected ferryboats. And you New Yorkers, don’t fret: Best of the New York Waterfront is next up!   
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Staten Island Ferry: Quiet Hero of 9/11
Captain Eddie Squire and his crew aboard the John F. Kennedy had a front row seat on the tragic events of September 11, watching as the second plane roared directly overhead into the World Trade Center. Then, they immediately set to work ferrying rescuers in and survivors out.
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Vale of Tears
Angel Island is a jewel set in the middle of San Francisco Bay offering up matchless views and all kinds of recreational opportunities. It also has a darker side. Here was the “Ellis Island of the West”, but the Ellis Island of New York is remembered fondly by the immigrants it served. Not so with Angel Island. It was here that Asian-Americans were processed by the hundreds of thousands under racist laws that exploited them as cheap labor to build the railroads while denying them any semblance of dignity or human rights. The shame continues, in the form of inexcusably delayed plans for a memorial.   
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All Hail the Ferry Godmother
Fifteen years ago, the Vallejo ferry service – now a burgeoning success story – was on the ropes and slated for cancellation. Into the breach rushed Cindy Dewtiler, who just said “no”. She was honored at the christening of the MV Vallejo, the newest ferryboat addition to the first-class fleet connecting Vallejo to San Francisco by water.   
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