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Take the Jeremiah O’Brien to Sacramento
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July 2002


July 2002

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Why not a Floating Bay to Breakers?
Thousands of Bathtub races, in which folks let their imaginations and inhibitions run riot, take place in waterfront communities across the country. With the Bay Area rediscovering protected inlets like San Francisco’s Islais Creek, the Oakland Estuary and the North Bay’s Carquinez Strait, will Bathtub Races on the Bay become a new outlet for the zany?
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s Take the Jeremiah O’Brien to Sacramento
The noble story behind the restoration and upkeep of the World War II Liberty Ship the Jeremiah O’Brien is oft told. The public can become part of this floating legend in a rare opportunity to join the volunteer crew on a cruise to Sacrament. 
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What’s Doing in the Carquinez Strait
Vallejo ferry riders travel the Carquinez Strait every day, but to most everyone else in the Bay Area the wonders of this fascinating waterway are a well-kept secret. Take a gander at the rich variety of places to go, people to meet and things to see.            
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Jack London Square Gets Hip
Oakland’s Jack London Square has long been the kind of place only a Communist central planner could love. But exciting changes are in the works and this keystone of the East Bay waterfront figures to play an exciting and important role. 
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