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Blue & Gold Fleet Files to Discontinue Alameda Oakland Ferry Service….
Bill Coolidge’s Bay Journal…
Master Mariners Benevolent Association Announces October & Future Events….
Golden Gate’s New Catamaran, Mv Mendocino, Back to the Shipyard for Hull Replacement….
Tidal Energy: Had Only Enron Known
BARTbarians at the Gate
Sail For America….
International Trade Experts To Present At Prestigious Pan Pacific Conference In Oakland….
Port of San Francisco Welcomes the Columbus China to Pier 80 Omni Terminal….
Fleet Week Viewing Party….
Port of San Francisco to Host Record Cruise Business in 2003..
Farmers Come to the Bay….
Tall Ships Grace
San Francisco Bay….
Boating Events Calendar….
Coast Guard’s Vessel Traffic Service Celebrates 30th Birthday….
Bear Boat #1, Merry Bear Set to Return to the Waters of
San Francisco Bay….
Lecture & Book Signing With Author Hershel Parker….
Frances Barbour Hayden Promotes Larkspur Bike Station….
The Water Transit Authority’s Green Machine….
New Pacific Princess To Set Sail In Alaska….
WTA Picks Highest Safety Standard For Its Fleet….
Working Waterfront: Stuart Cohen, Executive Director
Transportation and Land Use Coalition….
Water Transit Authority  WTA


October 2002


September 2002

October 2002

Tidal Energy: Had Only Enron Known
Just imagine the market manipulation possibilities! Serious plans are contemplated whereby the tidal energy might be harnessed. Special Correspondent Michael McCarthy lays out the exciting
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BARTbarians at the Gate
Ferry supporters turned out in force to beat back a plan for diverting funding from anticipated bridge toll hikes to an envisioned Livermore BART extension. Guy Span enters the hall of mirrors that is Bay Area transportation policy planning to attempt an explanation of what happened and why.
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Farmers’ Market and the Ferry Building
The Ferry Building is the keystone of San Francisco’s historic waterfront and also central to plans for a comprehensive regional ferry system. When it reopens next spring after a soup-to-nuts restoration a beloved Farmers’ Market is moving in.,
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Tall Ships on the Bay
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