Alameda Oakland Ferry to Cut Service

Alameda Oakland Ferry to Cut Service

By Guy Span 
Published: March, 2002


In a lightly attended meeting, the Alameda City Council voted three to two to approve service cuts and additional funding to prop up the Alameda Oakland ferry service. Three ferry riders spoke against the cuts and the Mayor, Ralph Appezzato, directed city staff to explore a plan offered by one of the speakers.

However, last minute negotiations between Mr. Ernest Sanchez, Manager of Ferry Service s for the city of Alameda and Blue & Gold Fleet appear promising and it is now likely that the 7:40 AM and 7:50 AM would be kept, at least through September. Any further continuation would be predicated on improving the number of commuters

The additional funding to be provided to Blue & Gold Fleet would come from sources outside the city such as the Metropolitan Transit Commission and further savings from cutting one deck hand from the remaining runs. The Mayor also pointed out that transit users should be supporting the proposed toll increase on the Bay Bridge, raising the current $2.00 toll to $3.00. Also to support transit projects, the Golden Gate Transit District is considering a jump to $5.00 from the current $3.00.

Current riders on the two services should check the ferry phone at (510) 522-3300 to confirm schedules in March or check the web site at